Google Jamboard Explanation

Google Jamboard Explanation

Google Jamboard Explanation – Internet and cloud have changed the way we collaborate in the world of work. Thanks to services like G Suite, face to face is no longer needed. Even so, there are times when a brainstorming session will take place more effectively when we all gather and include ideas on the board.

The blackboard, right? Certainly not an ordinary whiteboard, but rather that has been integrated with various cloud services and facilitates collaboration in real-time, even with team members who have to attend meetings from other places via video calls. That is the premise behind Google Jamboard.

This device is basically a 55-inch 4K monitor. The entire screen span is a touch panel, where it can be treated like a digital whiteboard. For that, Google also has equipped each unit with a pair of stylus and eraser, plus a webcam, speaker and Wi-Fi.

There is a lot that can be done with Jamboard during brainstorming sessions. Each team member connected via the smartphone and tablet application can throw the idea easily, it can be in the form of images or other content from web search results, or it could be documents from Google Docs or Drive.

Other essential features such as sticky notes and handwriting and shape recognition are also available. And even more interesting, all ideas listed will be stored in Google Drive. So even if the meeting is over, you can still continue the brainstorm session yourself.

According to Google, harmonious hardware and software harmonization on Jamboard is also based on input from companies that use G Suite, Netflix and Spotify services for example. Regarding hardware, Google entrusts BenQ which is already experienced in producing monitors. Google Jamboard is planned to be marketed starting next year for $ 6,000. Google also opened the Early Adopter Program for G Suite user teams interested in Jamboard.

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