Donate Car for Tax Credit

Any donations you give to help your noble goals can also help you with your taxes. If you have an old car parked in your garage and you do not know what to do with the car, car donation is a great way to help charities. Although car donation laws have changed, this is still a good way to help yourself and others.

In 2005, legislation changes with respect to the withholding tax penalties car, vehicle, or aircraft valued at more than $ 500. Now, the charity must provide written documentation or acknowledgment within 30 days of processing your donation. If charities give excessive or false statements, they can be fined or punished.

Although the old law has a number of problems, many charities are skeptical about new car donation laws. Many organizations are concerned about what might happen when tax deduction responsibilities are placed under charitable authority rather than donors. Some of them actually sent a letter to the Minister of Finance indicating that people might be discouraged from donating cars if they did not know the amount of deductions that would be allowed. This, they fear will mean that some donors will disappear. Charities feel that donors must be able to weigh the cost of benefits to find out if that is enough for them.

If you decide to pursue car donations, you will find that the process is easy. You can contact most charities by telephone or online. It is important to ask the charity that you want to be involved with some specific and important information. This is necessary to avoid complications and also make sure you understand the process. This is not difficult, but it does require you to fill in some important information and prepare a car.


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