Best of Nunavut Culture

Nunavut Culture – Nunavut is the largest, newest, and northernmost region in Canada; it only became a confederation in 1999. It has a population under 40,000 (that’s the whole region), and 80% of people are Inuit. This Arctic miracle is an adventurous paradise, so here are 15 reasons to visit Nunavut on your next vacation.

No cars allowed

None of Nunavut’s cities are connected together by highways, which means that the only way to get into the area and get around is by air and sea. Locals usually travel between communities by airplane (some of the best sights in the area are seen from the sky) or cruise ships. However, some residents take high roads and access remote communities through snowmobiles, dog sledges and motorized boats.

Support local residents at the Alianait Festival

Held annually in June at midnight, the Alianait Festival “sets the spotlight on Inuit and other circumpolar artists while bringing together world-class musicians, circus acrobats, dancers, storytellers, actors, filmmakers, and visual artists from around the world.” Mission the festival is to build a healthier Nunavut through art.

Inuit culture

According to Nunavut Tourism, Nunavut has supported an indigenous population that has been sustainable for more than 4,000 years. “The traditional lifestyle of Inuit is very much adapted to extreme arctic conditions. Their essential skills for survival are always hunting, fishing, and trapping. “Even today, the modern Inuit community still follows the tradition of hunter-gatherers of their ancestors. Learn more about this fascinating culture through guided hikes, community tours, and traditional practices such as dog sled.

Polar climate experience

Because Nunavut is a large area, the climate differs from place to place. But generally, it has a polar climate, which means that every month has an average temperature below 10 ° C (50 ° F). There is also a lack of daylight in winter, plus midnight sun in summer. Resolute Bay in the north experiences 24 hours of sunlight for almost four months each year, but then there are sunless days in winter. The landscape is also very different in the North Pole and includes trees without tundra, glaciers and eternal ice sheets.

Inuit art

Nunavut has more artists per capita than anywhere else in the world. Carving Nunavut is a 100% Inuit company, with the largest collection of Inuit art in the region (and possibly the world). There are thousands of pieces in the Iqaluit gallery, including statues and jewelry. Iqaluit Fine Arts Studio is another business, such as the Uqqurmiut Arts and Crafts Center in Pangnirtung. This center is home to Inuit handicrafts, prints, carvings and tapestries.

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